Red Vic Lectures [Infrastructures]: Cryptocurrencies

Joshua Goldbard and Kevin Fischer are neurotic people who happen to be interested in cryptocurrencies. This talk will cover what cryptocurrencies are, at a very high-level, what some of the narratives around valuing these properties might be, and a bit of prognostication about the future. As always, this is not financial advice, we are not lawyers, and you should never invest money you can’t afford to lose. Joshua is a high school dropout who likes to think about stuff in public. Occasionally, he gets obsessed about things. Previously, Josh was a product manager working on communications products and technologies. Currently, he is a semi-retired cryptocurrency day trader. Kevin Fischer is a person who has had a long-held interest in cryptocurrencies, originally for the philosophy, then for the money, and now, once again, for the philosophy. As a student of economics, Kevin is an active participant in many markets, with most current interest in crypto products.

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Over the past few years, his focus shifted to VR/AR when he saw its potential and how XR could revolutionize our world in health, education, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more. These new technologies are here to stay, and Armand wants to inform and educate the masses on the virtual shift that is happening right before our very eyes. As an immersive tech expert, he helps seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs enter the virtual world with ease. He hopes that an empowered community coupled with cutting-edge XR technology will result in a better, brighter future for humanity.

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