Space Decentral Meetup w/ Alexis Aiono, Luke Duncan, Marc Cohen

The Space Decentral meetup is created for the purpose of encouraging the cross-pollination of ideas amongst scientists, engineers, artists, futurists and thinkers that are interested in all aspects of advancing technology and governance to improve life on Earth and ultimately become a spacefaring civilization.

Our first event is Monday, May 21st. Alexis Aiono (Crypto Trekkie), Luke Duncan (Aragon’s Research Lead), and Marc Cohen (Space Cooperative) will be joining us as speakers.

Space: the final frontier. Come listen to Alexis Aiono speak about “Bitcoin and Star Trek: Geeky Economics of the Future”. Her talk will present how Star Trek and other sci-fi media have projected a society where money is obsolete, and how that is relevant to decentralized currency now. She will also explore how Bitcoin will continue to boldly go where no currency has gone before.

Long-time Bitcoin zealot and a longer time geek, Alexis Aiono has been around the crypto space since 2012 working for companies like BTCjam and CoinList. Her passion for space travel coincide with her dreams of building a better, autonomous tomorrow. If you need a good chuckle and would like to be enlightened around Trekonomics, come by and listen.
Luke Duncan will share his thoughts on how decentralized, open source, peer-to-peer networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Aragon break down artificial borders, disintermediate value creation, and unite humanity. The talk will touch on crypto-economics, smart-contracts, DAOs, and the Aragon Network.

As a researcher at Aragon, Luke Duncan has been exploring how decentralized organizations and protocols leverage economic incentives to run autonomously. Recent work has been related to curation markets, liquid democracy, schelling point games, coercion resistant voting, and stablecoins.
Marc Cohen will present a space architecture strategy for lunar habitats and bases, addressing the long-standing Myths in the conception and planning of future human lunar missions and Musts necessary to be fulfilled to close those gaps that these myths hide.

Marc M. Cohen is a licensed architect who has devoted his career to developing the new field of Space Architecture. Marc is a co-owner at Space Cooperative, where he provides leadership in space mission development. Marc has also previously worked at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems for 4.5 years in addition to NASA Ames Research Center for 26 years.
We will spend the last part of the meetup with an open discussion with all attendees. This isn’t a panel, but a decentralized conversation where tangents are encouraged. Let’s mind jam!

Human Spaceflight vs. The Technological Singularity: Advanced AI may soon allow robotic space exploration, through autonomous systems or whole brain simulation. Robotic bodies are much cheaper to send into space, since they don’t need life support. Do you think we should focus on advancing AI first and forgo human bodied space exploration? Why or why not?

About the Meetup:
Events will present challenges that stem from both socio-economical and technological perspectives, reaching out to experts from both industry and academia to inform the community about their latest work or research. Meetups will be highly interactive and engage the audience through a combination of activities that are both fun and thought-provoking.

About Space Decentral:
Space Decentral is a decentralized autonomous space agency that leverages blockchain technology to reinvigorate the push for space exploration with global citizens in control. Space missions will be designed collaboratively, research will be shared for peer review, science will be crowdsourced, and worthy projects that accelerate human progress will be crowdfunded.

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