Fulfilling the Potential of XR in Education

Over the last 10 years academia has been unprecedented change, with the advent of online courses taking an important place in society. With the rise of immersive technology, companies are working hard to transform the way educational institutions, individuals and companies learn and teach people.

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MADDIE CALLANDER is Director of Operations at Boost VC, the Virtual Reality & Blockchain accelerator and pre-seed fund in Silicon Valley, co-founded by Adam Draper & Brayton Williams. With a portfolio of 250+ emerging tech companies, Boost VC is making Sci-Fi a reality!

AZINE DAVOUDZADEH is a dynamic educator, creator and thought leader. She has been teaching for over a decade and is the founder of XR EDU. She has been researching and using VR in her classroom since 2016 and has taught intro to VR classes for the Imagineering Program in San Ramon. Her recent venture, XR EDU, is dedicated to creating XR tools for the classroom as well as producing unique EdTech events to unite educators and technologists. She previously led the group Ed Tech Connect, which produced several EdTech events in the SF Bay Area.

GREG MEYERS is CEO and Co-Founder of ForgeFX Simulations, a software development company in San Francisco that specializes in the development of custom 3D training simulations. Greg has been overseeing the development of software applications for more than 20 years, working on everything from simulation-based training programs, to video games, to internet applications. Currently ForgeFX is experiencing a high demand for virtual reality based training simulators, which allow for a considerably higher degree of immersion, interactivity and suspension of disbelief.

TOM IMPALLOMENI – Co-Founder & CEO, TribeVR is CEO and co-founder of Tribe XR, the Immersive Skills Training platform. Tom is an experienced startup founder and operator, having built and co-founded various high growth tech startups including SuperAwesome. Tribe XR is the immersive skills training platform. Tribe harnesses VR and AR to enable students to learn skills for the real world, giving them the skills to succeed.

MARK ANDERSEN – Co-Founder and President, LifeLiqe Mark Andersen is the Co-founder and President of Lifeliqe, an education platform for students to learn visually in digital 3D. Lifeliqe’s platform distributes the world’s largest digital Science library available in interactive 3D models, augmented reality, virtual reality on HTC Vive and mixed reality on Microsoft HoloLens. Mark focuses on expanding Lifeliqe’s learning experiences into schools and libraries.

About the author

Armand JA

Armand is passionate about creating the future and collaborating with others to build the next digital platform for human evolution. As Immersive Media Consultant, he’s been in tech for well over a decade and has seen the industry evolve while taking on various roles. Armand’s unique skill set, way of looking at the world, and motivation to learn has made him into the visionary he is today.

Over the past few years, his focus shifted to VR/AR when he saw its potential and how XR could revolutionize our world in health, education, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more. These new technologies are here to stay, and Armand wants to inform and educate the masses on the virtual shift that is happening right before our very eyes. As an immersive tech expert, he helps seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs enter the virtual world with ease. He hopes that an empowered community coupled with cutting-edge XR technology will result in a better, brighter future for humanity.

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