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Dave Martinez | CEO Dave Martinez Ventures

Dave Martinez Ventures and UK augmented reality specialists Draw & Code have been awarded a $2 million contract for three new museum projects in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico. The first of these new visitor attractions with immersive technology at its heart is slated to open during 2020. A consortium of creative technologists led by Silicon Valley-veteran Dave Martinez from Dave Martinez Ventures and UK immersive technology studio Draw & Code have already commenced early-stage R&D into how best to employ the latest techniques in the museum.

Nikki Roth | Senior Technical Animator at Google

Nikki Roth has turned her lifelong fascination with human motion and anatomy into a thriving career as an Animation Technical Director. From her early years as a both a gymnastics and diving athlete to her current interests in rock climbing and dance, Nikki’s deep connection to movement has uniquely influenced her ability to translate physical motion in to a digital representation. Nikki has spent her professional career navigating the pipelines of real-time development at companies such as Apple, EA, Lucasfilm and now Google. She specializes in real-time animation and focuses on workflows that capture and assemble assets in innovative ways.

Nikki is passionate about empowering women in tech to push the boundaries of real-time development and fostering collaboration across industries..

Pete Wassell | CEO of Augmate

We believe that a distributed ledger technology is the future of connected device security and interoperability. Augmate was the first wearable device management platform and we are now the first in IoT device management using distributed ledgers. We are launching the MATE™ token (Machine Access Token Exchange) to create a platform where all can participate in the rise of a global ecosystem of devices and human connectivity, beginning with enterprise but quickly moving to the consumer space.

Maria Montenegro | Magic Leap

Maria A. Montenegro is a creative developer passionate about disrupting and innovating new ways of bringing cutting edge technology into users hands. She believes interactive storytelling and reactive installation can provide a huge impact on people worldwide by showing them that magic is still among us. At Magic Leap she is one of the Lead Engineers focusing on rapid prototyping in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Maria has been involved in mixed reality for the past 8 years. Her background is in computer science and electronic arts, focused on computer graphics and computer vision. She became involved in mixed reality originally with interactive installations and projection mapping. Later on in her career, she got her master degree from Carnegie Mellon University focused on Entertainment Technology from the computer science department. Throughout the years she has publishes research papers in the field and has won some game nominations for innovative and experimental game play.

Jo Ryall | Head of Marketing, Mixed Reality Academy at Microsoft

Jo has ~ 15 years of experience in gaming, XR, and wireless technology marketing. She has developed deep, long lasting relationships of trust with strategic partners and has provided end-to-end marketing program management, from strategy to cross-functional planning and execution to several Fortune 100 companies including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Intel, and NVidia to name a few. Jo began working with Microsoft on a partnership basis 4.5 years ago whilst at Unity Technologies and was responsible for ensuring Unity developers adopted Microsoft platforms and created new apps or ported their existing apps to windows Mobile, Windows 10 UWP, HoloLens, and Windows Mixed Reality (Acer, HP, Samsung HMDs etc.).

Dulce Baerga | CEO at River Studios

Since 1996, I have spent the majority of my career wearing many different hats from a LAMP developer to team leader to my current role as Chief Executive Officer of River Studios. In 2017, I was hand-picked by the executive leadership of River Ecosystem to not only bring upon the rebirth of River Studios, but to serve as the catalyst of elevating VR/AR content including our flagship product Quarterback Snap. My technical background, being being a full stack engineer and avid multi stack developer allows me a unique insight in which I understand the potential and limitations of technologies from an engineering level that few other futurists without such technical experience can match.

About the Academy

The Academy is based out of the Microsoft Reactor in downtown San Francisco. This team includes developer, design, marketing and business development talent mandated with fully embedding Mixed Reality into the Bay Area ecosystem via strategic partnerships and high-touch developer / creator engagements. This entrepreneurial team works directly with the Bay Area ecosystem, including established developers, startups, VCs, academic institutions and local meetup groups to advance the state of the art of MR and AI. Jo currently leads all marketing efforts.

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Armand is passionate about creating the future and collaborating with others to build the next digital platform for human evolution. As Immersive Media Consultant, he’s been in tech for well over a decade and has seen the industry evolve while taking on various roles. Armand’s unique skill set, way of looking at the world, and motivation to learn has made him into the visionary he is today.

Over the past few years, his focus shifted to VR/AR when he saw its potential and how XR could revolutionize our world in health, education, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more. These new technologies are here to stay, and Armand wants to inform and educate the masses on the virtual shift that is happening right before our very eyes. As an immersive tech expert, he helps seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs enter the virtual world with ease. He hopes that an empowered community coupled with cutting-edge XR technology will result in a better, brighter future for humanity.

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