Social VR ft. Tiltbrush, FB Social, High Fidelity and AltspaceVR!

Izzy Parkinson is the Tilt Brush Community Manager on the Google VR Team. Prior to working on the VR Team at Google, Izzy worked in advertising, graphic design, and education. As an illustrator herself, Izzy fell in love with Tilt Brush and is deeply invested in the intersection between art, technology, and creativity. In the last two years, Izzy has worked to put Tilt Brush in the hands of artists and creators worldwide through various events, initiatives, and special projects. She helped launch the Tilt Brush Artist in Residence Program and continues to engage, support, and empower Tilt Brush users, artists, and creators as Community Manager.

Katie Kelly is the Marketing Manager at AltspaceVR. She comes from a background in advertising and worked on campaigns for Hershey, Crest, P&G and various not-for-profits. She’s deeply interested in VR for good and making sure women are represented in this emerging technology. She’s lived in Oregon, Hawaii, NYC and now resides in the Bay Area. She discovered virtual reality at the Future of Storytelling Conference and can’t get enough of it. She’s primarily interested in how VR can be used to connect people from different backgrounds. She’s run the first yoga class in VR and held multiple discussions in VR with people from around the world.

Christophe Tauziet has worked at Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/) for the last three years working on Platform, Photos and Live Videos and more recently the Social VR (http://www.fastcompany.com/3058914/how-facebooks-social-vr-could-be-the-killer-app-for-virtual-reality) team. He started designing user interfaces and products in 2003 after creating a website called NBAFrance.com (acquired by the NBA in 2005). Since then, he’s worked as a Product Designer at Orange (http://www.orange.com/), Apple (http://www.apple.com/) and Parse (http://www.parse.com/). Christophe recently started an analog photo project called So French (http://www.sofrenchproject.com/) that he works on in his free time.

Liv Erickson is a virtual and augmented reality creator focusing on developer outreach at High Fidelity in San Francisco. She is a co-founder of ARVR Academy, an organization focusing on immersive technology education, sits on the board of advisors for the Virtual Reality Developer Conference, and is a VR mentor at Boost VC. Previously, Liv worked at Microsoft as a VR/AR Evangelist and led evangelism on desktop VR applications and HoloLens in the United States. She is the creator and host of Just A/VR Show (http://justavrshow.com/), a web show focusing on development and design for 3D applications, author of the book Entering the Metaverse, and blogs at The Matrix is My Office (http://livierickson.com/blog/).

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Armand JA

Armand is passionate about creating the future and collaborating with others to build the next digital platform for human evolution. As Immersive Media Consultant, he’s been in tech for well over a decade and has seen the industry evolve while taking on various roles. Armand’s unique skill set, way of looking at the world, and motivation to learn has made him into the visionary he is today.

Over the past few years, his focus shifted to VR/AR when he saw its potential and how XR could revolutionize our world in health, education, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more. These new technologies are here to stay, and Armand wants to inform and educate the masses on the virtual shift that is happening right before our very eyes. As an immersive tech expert, he helps seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs enter the virtual world with ease. He hopes that an empowered community coupled with cutting-edge XR technology will result in a better, brighter future for humanity.

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