The Virtual and the Real: A Talk by David Chalmers

“Is virtual reality a sort of genuine reality, or is it a fake or fictional reality? I will argue that it is a sort of genuine reality. In particular, I will argue for virtual digitalism, on which (1) virtual objects are real digital objects; (2) virtual events are digital events that really happen; (3) perception in virtual reality need not involve illusion or hallucination; and (4) one can lead as meaningful and valuable a life in a virtual world as in a non-virtual.”

David Chalmers is a philosopher working on mind, language, and reality. He is well-known for his work on consciousness, including his formulation of the “hard problem” of consciousness. Chalmers co-founded the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness and has organized some of the most important conferences in the field. He also works on issues about artificial intelligence and the extended mind, focusing on the way that the technology we use extends our minds into the world. He is currently writing a book about philosophical issues arising from virtual reality.

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Armand JA

Armand is passionate about creating the future and collaborating with others to build the next digital platform for human evolution. As Immersive Media Consultant, he’s been in tech for well over a decade and has seen the industry evolve while taking on various roles. Armand’s unique skill set, way of looking at the world, and motivation to learn has made him into the visionary he is today.

Over the past few years, his focus shifted to VR/AR when he saw its potential and how XR could revolutionize our world in health, education, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more. These new technologies are here to stay, and Armand wants to inform and educate the masses on the virtual shift that is happening right before our very eyes. As an immersive tech expert, he helps seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs enter the virtual world with ease. He hopes that an empowered community coupled with cutting-edge XR technology will result in a better, brighter future for humanity.

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